Halftones Add to the Illusion of Depth and Dimension for Aluminum Trim


Getting ready to release the latest mood boards and surface collections requires review and tweaking of finish development. Recently a sneak peak was given for some of the dimensional finishes that are coming.  

A couple of these that I found interesting use familiar pattern structures with a twist - halftones contribute an illusion of depth and dimension.  Silvers, blacks and grays are common colors to begin discussion and review.  This does not mean that you are limited - use the rainbow to help define what could be used for your project.  

dimensional finish on aluminum

dimensional aluminum trim dimensional aluminum pattern 


The process is cost effective and involves one added decorating operation yet provides such interesting perceived dimension. This type of finish is versatile and has application in any market, to name a few:  

●  Appliance Trim 
●  Automotive Trim
●  Boat/Marine Instrumentation Panels
●  Consumer Electronics
●  Packaging

What would you do with this type of finish?