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4 Options for Embossed Rivet Look on Aluminum Nameplates

Posted by Vicky Bowie

Topics: Embossing, Nameplate Examples

Many times we are asked for options to create an industrial look to an aluminum nameplate so that it gives the appearance of the emblem being mechanically attached to the end product. Typically the desired look is to resemble using rivets for secure attachment. Here are four options with custom tooling operations to achieve the look of embossed rivets on aluminum badges.

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Simulated Anodized Finish for Aluminum Nameplates

Posted by Vicky Bowie

Topics: Materials and Processes, Anodize, Nameplate Examples

Simulated Anodized Colors on Aluminum Nameplates

Anodized colors are achieved with dyes and a chemical process to harden and seal the metal. The resulting finish is elegant and durable. This type of decoration is limited to flat surfaces because forming or embossing the aluminum can result in cracks or breaks in the protective seal. The anodize process can also increase processing lead times. There is a solution to achieve the anodized look without sacrificing tooling or lead times. Here's how.

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3 Ways to Use Selective Doming for Nameplates and Labels

Posted by Vicky Bowie

Topics: Domed Labels, Nameplate Examples

Selective Doming for Nameplates and Labels

The doming process is a cost effective option to add dimension for aluminum nameplates and plastic labels. It involves placing a clear urethane to the surface of the label. It is common to have the dome completely cover the surface. There are times when the nameplate design is served better without entire coverage. This post takes a look at three ways to enhance brand identity with selective doming.

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15 Inspiring Oval Nameplates

Posted by Vicky Bowie

Topics: Aluminum, Nameplate Examples, Flexible Labels

Oval Shapes for Nameplates and Labels

An oval is a frequently used shape for aluminum nameplates and plastic labels. It is versatile and friendly for standard decorating operations such as printing and screening. Your design can also be enhanced with diamond cut and embossed aluminum or a domed lens for additional dimension. Here are 15 of my favorites. Take a walk through this quick presenation with close up and detail review for processing for each one. Enjoy!

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10 Simply Elegant Automotive Gear Knobs

Posted by Vicky Bowie

Topics: Aluminum Trim, Automotive, Brushed Aluminum, Aluminum In-mold, Woodgrain, Nameplate Examples

Premium Aluminum Trim = Simple Elegance

A gear knob is one piece of trim which is touched every time a vehicle is put in motion. It makes sense that the expectation is for the gear knob to match the look and feel of the vehicle that it is directing. 

Brushed aluminum is a common foundation to build from when determining the look for premium trim. The complex form of gear knob inserts highlight the metal characteristics of the aluminum. This provides opportunity to maximize perceived value for the brand. 

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What Shape Works Best for Nameplates and Labels?

Posted by Vicky Bowie

Topics: Aluminum, Nameplate, Nameplate Examples, Flexible Labels

Many Shapes of Aluminum Nameplates and Plastic Labels

Shape is a big deal if you are working on the design for new brand identification. It is the topic of one of the most common questions that come up in the design process. How do you choose which shape to use for your nameplate? Don't let this become a stop point in your brand efforts. Let's take a walk through shape options for aluminum nameplates and plastic labels.

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20 Effective Border Designs for Aluminum Nameplates

Posted by Vicky Bowie

Topics: Aluminum, Selective Patterns, Nameplate Examples

Effective Border Designs for Aluminum Nameplates

Designing your brand identification for aluminum nameplates or plastic decals means that you need to consider several elements: shape, size, color to name a few. What about a border for your label? This is a design element which should not be taken lightly for your nameplate.

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Brushed Aluminum Look on Plastic Labels

Posted by Vicky Bowie

Topics: Polycarbonate, Plastic Trim, Nameplate Examples, Labels, Flexible Labels, Plastic, Chrome Polyester

Brushed Aluminum

Brushed aluminum is a common background for nameplates and brand identification. This is a decorating process where a sheet of aluminum passes beneath a coarse brush head to create the linear finish. It can be applied selectively as well as at varying angles to create movement and visual depth to the surface of the aluminum. Layers and different angles of brush result in dimensional background finishes. Brushed aluminum can increase perceived value for the end product because it provides a finished look.

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4 Ways to Make a Flat Aluminum Nameplate Stand Out

Posted by Vicky Bowie

Topics: Aluminum, Nameplate Examples

A common question when working with companies to develop attention-grabbing nameplates and emblems is how to make a flat aluminum nameplate stand out without incurring additional tooling expense? Designers and buyers alike look for cost effective solutions. Below are some options which keep cost in check while providing the end result of catching the eye of a customer.

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Black Texture on Aluminum Namplates

Posted by Vicky Bowie

Topics: Aluminum, Texture, Selective Patterns, Materials and Processes, Nameplate Examples

Black and near-black finishes on aluminum was the focus of an article last week on our Design Surfaces on Aluminum Blog. This post has had quite a bit of interest with requests for more information on the types of finishes available as well as seeing black finishes in application. As a result, I thought I'd share this quick video compilation with some great examples of aluminum nameplates which have made use of interesting black finishes. In this, you'll see brands represented from motorcycles and medical equipment to golf clubs and boats. Enjoy!

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