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What's trending? Mechanical Finishes Stripes, Spins and Brushes Mechanical finishes combine with standard aluminum nameplate decorative processes to add visual dimension and increase perceived value by creating movement with the look of shimmering metal. 
A popular trend in nameplate design is to create tone on tone looks with contrasts between background decoration and text or logos. Many times this is involving silver on silver or gold on gold tones. This two-tone look can be achieved in other colors as well. Here are some examples showing ...
The MST Process Our signature aluminum finishes are now on polycarbonate. These mechanical finishes add movement, create dimension and now can be mixed with clear windows, deadfront and backlit graphics.
Power sports equipment, all terrain or utility terrain vehicles and motorcycles need to be able to stand up to exposure to the elements and rough environments. This does not mean that the branding for these should be left to simple stickers or flimsy decals.
Typically dimension in metal nameplates is called out with embossed graphics or logos. This type of enhancement requires additional tooling operations which then impacts the cost of the part. This post takes a look at how some brands have steered clear of the added expense and instead made the most ...
A typical question from clients often centers on how do they choose from the many decoration options to find one that is perfect for their nameplate? One of the most common ways is to review existing nameplate samples and pick out the decoration elements that are of most interest. 
Background decoration for aluminum nameplates can be simple - just a light brushed effect can satisfy many design requirements. A nice way to dress up that background is to use a spun effect. Clock and watch faces are natural shapes for this type of decoration. Here are some examples. Enjoy.
Many of the nameplates and emblems that come in for review are designed to be placed on a flat surface. There are times when a brand needs to be placed on a curved surface. Here are some examples of aluminum badges and plastic decals which take on the contoured shape of the end product.
One of the most common background decoration for nameplates, badges and trim is a brushed aluminum finish. Why? Here are five reasons to use brushed aluminum in your next design.

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