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If you are in the process of designing a nameplate for your product, its shape is likely one of the topics of conversation. Many times a common shape such as a circle or rectangle is used as a standard. Here is an example of an aluminum badge which uses a unique shape to step away from a standard ...
One of the benefits of incorporating patterns into the background of aluminum nameplates is that the decoration becomes part of the design element for the brand identification. A second, and sometimes overlooked, benefit is the opportunity to add dimension or visual interest to complement the ...
Coordinating color between packaging and labeling elements of product design can be a challenge due to potential difference in substrate materials. Color can vary depending on the substrate that it is printed on. Aluminum nameplates can be made to coordinate with your specific color specifications.
As we begin a new year I like to take a minute and reflect on the past one for indications on what has sparked interest. For 2015 opportunities to learn more about nameplate and label design, tooling options and ways to update brand identities have shown the most activity. 
Movement with Spun Aluminum Each year Northern Engraving provides decorated aluminum ornaments for a local charity which then sells the items for decoration and in memory of loved ones. The 2015 design features spun aluminum with a rich transparent blue color.
From our homes to yours - may peace, joy, hope and happiness be yours this Holiday Season and New Year!
Is it Time to Redesign Your Nameplate? Nameplates aren't always the first thing on a Designer's mind. Waiting until the last minute can lead to cutting corners and compromising. This infographic lists 5 bite-sized tips for helping you determine if you should be considering a nameplate update.
A common request with aluminum nameplates to make the logo come to life and draw attention to the brand. One way to do this is with decorating processes to create a three-dimensional look. Layers of brushed aluminum can be combined with printed colors and halftones to achieve visual dimension.
A common question when designing aluminum nameplates and badges involves how to ensure proper alignment to the end product. This can be a concern with any shape of a nameplate. The alignment is important because your product identification should showcase your brand on the product consistently as ...

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