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Brushed Metal Nameplates Add Percieved Value to your Product A brushed metal surface is popular because it is an authentic metal surface.  It is a mechanical process which abrades the surface of the metal. Brushed aluminum is a common background for nameplates and brand identification.
Designers with multiple models or tier levels for their product can sometimes get overwhelmed with the thought of coming up with a nameplate or badge to differentiate between the various options. It isn't long before the topic of tool cost becomes a point of concern. This rings true if we are ...
Working with designers and engineers for automotive interior trim presents projects which can push the boundaries for tooling and decoration on aluminum. In depth discussions with engineers to make sure dimensions are in line with forming tolerances take place. Similar conversations with styling ...
Promotional items are common ways for companies to get their name out to prospective customers or to provide a thank you to long-time customers. Have you considered using aluminum as the material for your next promotional marketing piece? Here's why you should.
The color blue is energetic and can open the flow of communication. Adding blue to your aluminum nameplate design creates vibrance, mystery and drama. Blue represents knowledge, integrity, understanding and stability. Here are a few aluminum nameplate designs that incorporate a blue finish.
Are you looking for a way to show dimension in your nameplate or label but the budget does not have room to include a multi-level emboss tool? You are not alone. Keeping costs down is a common concern when designing a nameplate or badge.
Are you looking for an adhesive option for a nameplate that is applied to an uneven surface or where there is a potential for a gap between the nameplate and product? 
Aluminum nameplates are produced with hard tools and can be as simple as a blank die to cut a flat part or as complex as multi-level emboss and form operations for a dimensional badge. Understanding the basics of these operations will help you in the design of your part.
Many times we are asked for options in creating dimension at a minimum cost for nameplates and labels. Just look at the dimension created when a technical pattern is used in the background of this aluminum nameplate!  The brushed border appears to be a higher level than the background, resulting in ...

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