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Doming Enhances Custom Pattern for Product Labels

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Thu, Mar 26, 2015

Topics: Custom Patterns, Domed Labels, Flexible Labels

Custom Pattern Gets a Boost with 3D Doming

A clean and simple product logo makes a perfect repeating pattern for this product label. Incorporating the logo into the decoration is a subtle way to draw attention and add interest to the label. Further enhancement and dimension is achieved with an overall clear urethane dome. This layer protects the label from scratches as well as exposure to the elements. 

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Basic Adhesive Options for a Nameplate or Badge

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Thu, Mar 19, 2015

Topics: Adhesives, FAQ

When designing your nameplate focus is placed on front face decorating such as color and embossed graphics. Size and shape are other main focus points. It can be easy to put off discussion and review for adhesive needs. 

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3 Ways to Use Selective Doming for Nameplates and Labels

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Thu, Mar 12, 2015

Topics: Domed Labels, Nameplate Examples

Selective Doming for Nameplates and Labels

The doming process is a cost effective option to add dimension for aluminum nameplates and plastic labels. It involves placing a clear urethane to the surface of the label. It is common to have the dome completely cover the surface. There are times when the nameplate design is served better without entire coverage. This post takes a look at three ways to enhance brand identity with selective doming.

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5 Considerations for Multi-Level Embossed Aluminum Badges

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Thu, Mar 5, 2015

Topics: Aluminum Trim, Embossing

Multiple Level Aluminum Tooling Considerations

In considering the look of a nameplate or badge and how to stand out among competitors, designers turn to embossed aluminum for depth and dimension. Multi-level emboss adds further layers of interest to grab attention for premium and high quality products.  

Aluminum is a friendly alloy for emboss tooling operations. This makes it possible to get multi-dimensional looks with very unique shapes, bends and forms which enhance nameplates and badges. Keep in mind these considerations if you want to incorporate multi-levels of emboss or complex tooling into your next design. 

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Is that an Embossed Nameplate? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Thu, Feb 26, 2015

Topics: Aluminum, Nameplate, Embossing, Materials and Processes

Illusions of Embossed Nameplates

One of the neat things that decorating aluminum offers is the ability to provide illusions. A shift in viewing angle or how light is reflected can give the appearance of a graphic being embossed. These illusions provide visual alternatives to custom emboss tools for nameplates and emblems. This post summarizes some of the decorating options that can be used. 

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Nameplate Archive | Stock Dies for Metal Nameplates

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Thu, Feb 19, 2015

Topics: Nameplate, stock dies, Archive

Stock Dies for Metal Nameplates

Stamping tools created to produce metal nameplates are intended to be in use for many years and yield millions of parts. A library of available stock dies means that your project can take advantage of common shapes and sizes to keep your initial costs low and within minimal time frame to introduce a new product.

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The Essential Checklist for Nameplate Design

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Thu, Feb 12, 2015

Topics: Nameplate, FAQ, Resources

No matter if you are working on your first or hundredth nameplate, the process to design it is the same. Your corporate brand strategy has likely identified a specific look and target market that is front and center. It stands to reason that the label found on your product should match that message to enhance your brand awareness.

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5 Signs Your Nameplate Needs a Facelift

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Thu, Feb 5, 2015

Topics: Nameplate, FAQ

When to Redesign Your Nameplate?

How do you tell if it is time to consider updating your aluminum nameplate or plastic label? You are not alone in asking this question. In fact, it is one of the most common design centered inquiries. Let's take a look at 5 signs that you should update your nameplate. 

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Grab Attention with 3-D Embossed Aluminum Badges

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Thu, Jan 29, 2015

Topics: Aluminum Trim, Brushed Aluminum, Motorcycle, Embossing

3-D Embossed Aluminum Stands Out

Embossed aluminum is a common feature to consider when looking to showcase a brand logo or graphic on a badge. A common question is how to take that to the next level to grab attention and stand out from competitionAluminum offers versatility in decoration and flexibility for tooling which makes it a popular choice for engineers and designers. Multiple levels of embossed aluminum add dimension and height. 

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Tailored and Unique Aluminum Nameplate with Individual Letters

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Thu, Jan 22, 2015

Topics: Nameplate, Motorcycle, Embossing, Individual Letters, Materials and Processes, Exterior

Brand Identification with Individual Letters 

Many times when working on a nameplate design focus is centered on the right shape or the right colors for text and background. While these are indeed important elements for branding, sometimes it is necessary to step outside the box from standard shapes and decoration. This post takes a look at an aluminum nameplate which uses individual letters for a tailored and unique look.

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