Surfaces on Aluminum

Take a walk through the most popular finishes on aluminum as requested during 2016. Patina finishes, layers of textures and brushes as well as geometric structures can be seen. Enjoy.
Each year our Design team takes a look at popular and trending decorating processes used across the globe in industries from automotive and appliance trim to motorcycle badging and cosmetic appliques. This review sparks inspiration for the annual Holiday Card as a way to showcase processes and ...
Patina finishes on aluminum showcase craftsmanship and character. Finishes in this series can be used to give a well-used or aged decoration to your aluminum nameplate or trim. You will find the patterns used in backgrounds for interior automotive trim, appliance trim, furniture nameplates, and ...
Many times requests for patterns on aluminum are pretty basic - a grid pattern or straight lines. There is opportunity to take standard structures and step outside the box, push the boundaries and break out into something unique. Here are my choices for patterns that do just this. Enjoy.    
Three dimensional finishes on aluminum are sporty and playful. These are the finishes that take geometric shapes and woven structures to another level. You will find the patterns used in backgrounds for interior automotive trim, boat trim, sporting goods and medical device nameplates.
Carbon fiber and woven or mesh finishes have been regular requests for aluminum trim and nameplates or badges for some time. It doesn't take long to see woven structures in decoration from boat trim or interior automotive trim and even sporting goods.
There is a time and place for standing out in the crowd, making a statement or grabbing attention. The same rings true with pattern development and surface decoration on aluminum. When you want to show off a strong, masculine or sporty look for your product, you want the decoration and pattern ...
Our designers recently attended NeoCon 2016 in Chicago and were inspired by the plethora of colors, materials, products and patterns that were on display. Here's a look at the designs which resonated the most or seemed to cross over into popular requests for finish development trends.
The dynamic mood board features technical finishes inspired by active wear and athletic equipment. These versatile patterns on aluminum range from refined bead blasted metal to bold expressive geometrics.