Geometric Patterns Inspired By Interior Design

Sometimes all you need is one spark of inspiration for a design to develop.  For this set of patterns - it was one eye catching textile found at the 2019 NeoCon Trade Show.  

The Inspiration

Arc Com Chair Inspiration

This woven textile, by Arc Com, is interesting because it has both geometric and organic qualities within it. They use a simple repeating half circle shape and randomly rotate or remove a selection of them to create differently shaped negative spaces.

We took the half circle shape present in this pattern as a starting point for developing our own unique designs. In the end, we combined a selective brush mechanical finish with gray tints and a selective texture to achieve these small-scale tech patterns. 


Translated to Aluminum


PAT5341 swatch with close up

PAT5342 swatch with close up
PAT5343 swatch with close up


Where can your inspiration take your aluminum surface decoration? Let's talk!

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