Surfaces on Aluminum Design Blog

Lines and the interaction of lines make up so many foundations for structures in every aspect of product design. You can find straight lines which are very orderly. You can find organic, wavy lines which are haphazard. You can also find intersecting lines which can be both orderly and haphazard.
Linear structures continue to be of interest across all industries for surface decoration. This is evident in what our Design Team has seen as they collaborate with product designers and visit shows such as NeoCon in Chicago or the Detroit Auto Show.
The Fractal Surface Collection features classic diamond shapes translated with a modern twist into dimensional patterns on aluminum surfaces. 3D texture adds a tactile element while contrasting gloss levels provide distinction.
Laser Etched Looking Surface Decoration A common request for finish development to be used on decorative trim is to achieve the look of fine detail seen in laser etched surfaces. 
Crafted Mood Board The Crafted Mood Board features linear finishes on aluminum that have been twisted and manipulated in order to follow the shape of a part. The twists and turns of the lines play along with the bends and curves in decorative trim resulting in unique surface decoration.
The Contoured Surface Collection showcases the beauty and simplicity of folded metal designs translated onto aluminum. Organic woodgrain-like structures in a stainless steel finish result in subtle elegance. 
Linear formations which are broken or interrupted have been common themes in what we have seen at auto shows, houseware exhibits and textile showcases. It makes sense that this carries over into requests for development of finishes on aluminum for decorative trim to incorporate the same structures.
A hint of color can bring a pattern to life on aluminum surfaces. Intricate hexagon structures are laid out with soft white or gray background colors, enhanced with a touch of green for a fresh look. Enjoy!
Micro finishes on aluminum offer background decoration for surfaces that are tight and compact in structure. Finishes in this series can be used for subtle decoration on your aluminum nameplate or trim. You will find the patterns used across various industries and products such as interior ...