Flowing Lines Across Aluminum Surfaces

Linear structures continue to be of interest across all industries for surface decoration. This is evident in what our Design Team has seen as they collaborate with product designers and visit shows such as NeoCon in Chicago or the Detroit Auto Show.

Customization is important and one of the exciting pieces in the development of finishes for decorative trim. Lines do not have to be rigid and straight. Interesting twists and turns make for endless options. 

This pattern incorporates sections of lines with tight spacing and then changing that spacing across the surface changes. Further contrast in gloss levels shows the detail so that the resulting look is like a flowing sheet or high and low topography. You can almost picture rolling hills with this decoration. 

Flowing linear pattern on aluminum trim PAT-3617-A

This type of finish is friendly for trim sets made up of several parts. The pattern can be configured to follow a specific shape. It can also be configured to account for bends and forming of the metal trim.

Flowing lines for decoration can be subtle as well. This pattern is more uniform with a wavy look moving across the surface. There is less visual depth than the above pattern.

linear pattern on aluminum trim PAT-3430-B

There are endless possibilities when it comes to finish development with linear structures. Lines can flow across surfaces in abstract ways. Color can coordinate with other housing or material so that the aluminum trim becomes an elegant enhancement. 

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