Intersecting Lines Aluminum Surface Inspired from Quilted Pattern

The Inspiration

Inspired by classic herringbone quilting technique, random straight lines intersected by diagonal lines create an irregular linear pattern. This material caught our eye for the depth and interesting way that varying width or planes of a line interact with each other. Check out how we translated the structure onto aluminum surface decoration.

 quilted inspiration.jpg

Translated to Aluminum

Using aluminum, the opportunity to use a selective brush to create the irregular linear lines creates the initial structure. Also, this gives the lines a mysterious quality where they’re visible or not depending on the lighting angle. 

A matte gloss is combined with intersecting texture to create an overall finish that carries the same feeling as the quilted pattern above. The layering of lines is scaled down and then makes use of random line widths. The result is a simplified design with one direction intersecting

PAT-4782-A intersecting linear pattern on aluminum surface

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