Twisted and Manipulated Aluminum Surfaces

Crafted Mood Board

The Crafted Mood Board features linear finishes on aluminum that have been twisted and manipulated in order to follow the shape of a part. The twists and turns of the lines play along with the bends and curves in decorative trim resulting in unique surface decoration.

Crafted Mood Board aluminum trim with custom pattern to follow the contour

Linear patterns can be very rigid and straight resulting in an orderly classic design. Manipulate those lines so that they are flowing with the contours of your trim like topographical map lines and now you have an intriguing and sporty organic finish. 

Crafted Mood Board twisted pattern on aluminum trim


Decorating processes on aluminum playing with stroke width, detail colors and gloss levels achieve the appearance of layered metals forged together and worked by hand. The resulting finishes are reminiscent of hand turned wood or the intricate folded lines seen in Damascus steel. Check out this slideshare for the Crafted Mood Board to learn more.

These finishes are fully customizable in scale and can be applied to any color. They are intended as a starting point to inspire you for your next decorative trim project.

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