Damascus Steel Finishes on Aluminum Trim

damascus steel aluminum finishes

This series of aluminum finishes translates the distinctive stratification of authentic hand forged Damascus steel onto aluminum trim.  The lost Damascus Steel folding technique in which a sword smith painstakingly stacks and forges layers of steel results in a unique patterning which is easily recognizable.  Traditionally this wood-like grain pattern is known as the water mark.  This patterning has been explored in four unique colorways on aluminum creating dramatically different effects.  All are available to be integrated into aluminum trim or nameplates.

Etched Silver

etched silver damascus steel aluminum finish

Stainless Steel

stainless steel damascus aluminum finish

Precious Metals

precious metals damascus steel aluminum finish

Anodized Black

anodized black damascus steel aluminum finish

Damascus Steel Finish Mood Boards


The Damascus steel mood boards bring together intricate and bold variations of these structures. The manipulated surfaces create controlled randomness. Engineered imperfection is embraced and celebrated in mixed metal, etched, anodized black and stainless steel effects.

Etched Silver Aluminum Finishes

Stainless Steel Aluminum Finishes

Precious Metals Aluminum Finishes

Anodized Blacck Aluminum Finishes