Love Aluminum

Aluminum Trim and Nameplates 

etched aluminum hearts

Why do we love working with aluminum? 

Let me count the ways...  

I love to watch a blank sheet of aluminum come to life before my eyes as we decorate it.- S. VonRuden, Design
It can look like anything you want it to.  You can decorate it to look like a piece of art. - J. Webber, Design 
There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating aluminum. The natural reflectiveness gives a unique look to each nameplate. - B. Humphrey, Process Engineering
I love the reflectivity of the metal when it is combined with tints of color and mechanical finishes. - R. Schultz, Design
Because it's bright and shiny and fun to play with.  And it's recyclable. - J. Hoerres, Art Department
It's real.  You can tell the difference between imitation and real metal. - D. Roberts, Automotive Trim Sales
It's versatile with a variety of options for decorating and forming including simulating stainless steel. - J. Sullivan, Appliance Trim Sales
I like the way light plays with the surface. - M. Larson, Design
It's versatile and flexible with endless possibilities for patterns.- L. Aspeslet, Gage Customer Service
I like the many different possibilities for decoration. - C. Jensen, Customer Service
I like the authentic look of the material when compared to plastic.- D. Kerska, Program Management  

Do you like working with aluminum?  Tell us why in the comments below.

aluminum finishes

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