Butterflies and Aluminum Trim

layered aluminum finish | butterflies

This finish is one of the most popular aluminum finishes in our most recent trend presentation.  The theme for this mood board focused on taking a technological approach combining mechanical finishes, electronically manipulated designs and layering of processes.  We chose to integrate the image of a butterfly into the finish but it could be anything.  It might be a logo, a leaf or any graphic left to your imagination.  The pattern takes on an almost holographic effect.  The butterfly images come and go as you shift your viewing angle.  The interactive surface is built through a layering of brushing and lithography.  The structure is definitely man-made yet there is an organic quality to the surface.

What ideas does this give you for creating a new aluminum finish?  What type of images would you like to see translated into this type of surface?  What product would you use this type of aluminum trim on?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

aluminum finishes

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