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Automotive Aluminum Trim Design Inspiration

Our Design team collaborates with OEM designers to bring their ideas and inspirations to life. Such is the case with the center stack consoles of the Volvo V40 series. While each shares common tooling, the designs come from different points of inspiration. Aluminum is a perfect choice for substrate given that it is friendly for a multitude of decorating processes and mechanical finishes. Selective placement of brushed aluminum or screened texture helps to tell the story.

Take a walk through the inspiration behind the finishes as defined by Anders Bergstrom, Senior Designer - Colour and Materials at Volvo Design. Enjoy!


Volvo Copper 



"Copper Dawn: We found a trend of copper coloured metal and worked with this on exterior colour and interior materials. Copper Dawn shows that aluminum panels can be in different colour themes than in the gray-scale and gives a warm interior feeling. The design comes alive thanks to a fading effect that runs diagonal over the whole part. It starts off light and almost pink at the top, and ends in a dark cognac colour at the bottom! The strong haptic top print adds a refined feeling."





Volvo White



"Centre Court: Inspiration from Björn Borg’s classic tennis clothes from the late early 80s. Björn was a Swedish national hero and I watched him play tennis on TV when I was a small kid.

The thin red lines in combination with glossy white and an angled brushed metal area fits this car as a youthful, active and trendy choice. The printing accuracy and material combination shows something new.

The name “Centre Court” is a play with words as the deco is located at the Centre stack."




Volvo R-Design





"R-Design: The thought was to take a classic exterior racing stripe and put inside the car. The inspiration of the stripe is from a “Geneva stripe”, found on high grade watch movements. It gives you a magical depth and a high quality “machined metal” feel. The surrounding matt black areas with square rubber dots adds a great deal of sportiness."




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