Volvo Roller Door

Volvo roller door aluminum trim


Volvo roller door large


Volvo roller door small   

Volvo roller door aluminum trim detail


Aluminum in-mold


Volvo S60/V70 and S80 Executive


Replace plastic roller door with aluminum continuing metal theme throughout vehicle


This project literally started on the back of a napkin. It began with a wish to integrate aluminum into the roller door for the center console. Ability to continue the aluminum finish, featured on the doors and dash, across the roller door would upgrade the interior. Our engineers came up with an aluminum roller door solution fine tuning it through prototypes. The roller door consists of a series of aluminum strips which are in-molded. The aluminum in-mold process allows each of the parts to have a sharp edge. When the strips are placed next to each other they create a continuous smooth surface. There is no radius between the strips.