Volvo C30 | Interior Trim

Volvo C30 nautical trim


Volvo C30 door trim


Volvo C30 nautical trim detail



Screen printed aluminum
Brushed aluminum
Crimped aluminum


Volvo C30 interior trim


Interpret nautical chart theme on aluminum trim


The pattern on the floating center stack was inspired by ancient nautical charts. Longitude, latitude and dashed directional lines are layered on a brushed background.  Screen printed texture adds dimension. Our designers worked with Volvo design to develop the custom finish. The idea began with a design brief followed by a series of sample developments fine tuning the custom aluminum finish. The center console tooling has been used by Volvo to create multiple trim options for various cars. The attention to detail in the trim design allows Volvo customers the flexibility to make detailed interior choices choosing from fresh modern style cues. The high level of craftsmanship and custom finish shown on the console trim are carried across the interior door handles.