Cadillac Escalade Interior Trim

Escalade Interior Trim


Cadillac Escalade Trim


Cadillac Escalade


Brushed aluminum
Litho printed aluminum

Crimped aluminum
Aluminum in-mold 


Cadillac Escalade


Create trim with multiple finishes and illusion of being two trim pieces


This interior is taken to a new level of luxury and sophistication featuring trim combining brushed aluminum with a printed burl woodgrain. The woodgrain was developed in collaboration with the designers at GM. A recessed groove between the finishes helps to differentiate the surfaces facilitating the look of separate trim pieces. This option minimized the number of part numbers and assembly involved in this program. The finishes are applied in the flat sheet and formed afterward. A clear topcoat protects the finishes during the forming process. Key to the success of this program was the development of the finishes to align with the debossed groove.