Whirlpool | Integrated Aluminum and Plastic Trim

whirlpool refrigerator aluminum trim


integrated aluminum and plastic trim



Aluminum in-mold 
Brushed Aluminum
In-mold Decorated Polycarbonate


Whirlpool refrigerator


Integrate aluminum and plastic trim into one component and expand the use of metal trim to include back wall of ice and water dispenser


Previous Whirlpool ice and water dispensers used the aluminum in-mold process to add a stainless steel look to the frame of the dispenser. This generation pushes the use of metal in the design further incorporating aluminum trim into the back wall of the dispenser, the drip tray and spigot. The metal surface is desirable not only for its look but for the cool touch it offers. Consumers see and feel an authentic metal surface. The designers and engineers at Whirlpool also emphasized the need for a smooth transition from the plastic component to the metal trim in the design. The plastic overlay uses the in-mold decoration (IMD) process to create a functional overlay with backlit features.