Customer Spotlight | Volvo Cars

Flexibility / Professionalism

Northern Engraving has been Volvo PV's main supplier of aluminum decoration for 14 years.  There are many different reasons why we in Volvo choose Northern Engraving as our supplier, but to mention just a few: Northern Engraving offers maximum flexibility coupled with professionalism in all area's with a strong focus in Engineering & Design.


We know that we can always reach Northern Engraving with very short notice to arrange a meeting on any given program to assess if we should continue or change direction.  This means that we at Volvo can save valuable time.  A perfect example of this was the introduction of the P2004 Roller door where Volvo required the final product withstand a force of 70Kg.  We asked Northern Engraving if this would be possible.  Within a very short time span the Chief Engineer at Northern Engraving had designed a prototype that fulfilled the requirement. It would not have been possible for us here at Volvo to implement this idea without the involvement of Northern Engraving.


As a Designer it is not always clear as to what the final product will look like.  Design is like a puzzle.  It grows slowly as the program develops and only when the final piece is in place are we satisfied.  The Design department at Northern Engraving has helped Volvo with many pieces of the puzzle.  With an unlimited choice of patterns produced by a design department whose creativity is second to none.  It is a pleasure to be a Designer and work with Northern Engraving.

The creativity in both the Design and Engineering department at Northern Engraving I have not seen at any other supplier.

Northern Engravings Strengths Towards Competitors
  1. They are the same team from Purchase to Design who have worked together for 15 years.
  2. Privately owned company which means they can make quick decisions.
  3. Swedish based representation offering Customer Service with a personal touch.
  4. Design trends presented every year at Volvo which give our designers inspiration to enhance their idea's. 
  5. Reasonable lead times.
  6. Fast response to feasibility issues which enable our Designers to re-evaluate an idea.

Volvo and Northern Engraving have developed numerous decorative trim components over these past 14 years.  We hope that this cooperation will continue for another 14 years.

-Gunnar Johansson, Chief Designer, Volvo Cars