Layering of Finishes Creates Illusions for Aluminum Decoration

Creating Illusions with Layers of Finishes

It never ceases to amaze me how aluminum can be transformed during decoration. The reflective properties of the metal enhance brushing processes, allowing images and pattern structures to appear to move across the aluminum surface. Layering brushes with screened textures and printed colors creates illusions - fine lines or graphics that are not seen until a certain angle is available and then disappear again when that angle changes. The finishes below showcase this - from overlapping lines with an etched look to connecting the dots of a grid structure or enhancing a cross-hatch pattern for a two-tone effect. Each one offers a unique way to add interest and grab attention.

PAT-4710-A  PAT-4712-A  PAT-4713-A

What illusion would you capture in your aluminum trim? 

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