Surfaces on Aluminum Design Blog

Soft Touch Rubberized Texture One of the many options available when screen printing a texture on aluminum is soft touch. The rubberized feel stands in contrast to the metal surface. Since it is a printed process, soft touch can be applied in any number of patterns from dots and ellipses to ...
Knurled Patterns Knurled finishes on aluminum are one of our most popular metal finishes. Knurling is a visually attractive diamond shaped pattern cut or rolled into metal. This pattern allows you to get a better grip on the knurled object than would be provided by the original smooth metal surface.
Eco-Friendly Aluminum Trim Many of our new finishes have been created on aluminum made from 99% recycled aluminum of which 80% of the scrap is from post consumer sources. The new finishes on recycled aluminum are aesthetically pleasing environmentally friendly options for trim and nameplates.