Patterns and Finishes on Recycled Aluminum

Eco-Friendly Aluminum Trim

Many of our new finishes have been created on aluminum made from 99% recycled aluminum of which 80% of the scrap is from post consumer sources.  The new finishes on recycled aluminum are aesthetically pleasing environmentally friendly options for trim and nameplates.   

It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than to work with raw materials.  Eco-awareness is far more than a trend.  It is a primary focus today.  Aluminum is a durable and sustainable metal.  Two-thirds of the aluminum ever produced is in use today.

Recycled aluminum | PAT-4389-B Recycled aluminum | PAT-4392-A Recycled aluminum | PAT-4391-B Recycled aluminum | PAT-4390-A Recycled aluminum | PAT-4392-B 

This series of recycled aluminum finishes takes a more technical approach to the use of patterns.  Fine geometrics structures are screen printed onto brushed aluminum creating subtle texture.  Low gloss texture is contrasted against a high gloss brushed aluminum for one effect while a low gloss texture on a low gloss brushed surface creates a completely different almost etched effect.  All have the look of precision and fine detail.  All take advantage of the natural reflective qualities and color of aluminum to create finishes with the look of high quality and performance.

The recycled aluminum is available in a mill finish surface which can be brushed and decorated using litho printing, screen printing and roller coating.  The aluminum can be embossed and formed for use in nameplates and decorative trim pieces.

This is only one series of finishes on recycled aluminum.  They might be incorporated into a nameplate or used in decorative trim.  What other finishes would you like to see developed on recycled aluminum?