The Inspiration Behind Art Deco Finishes on Aluminum

Understanding inspiration behind a finish, seeing how an idea is translated from concept to metal surface, illustrates the design process on aluminum.  This article educates you on the inspiration and design of art deco aluminum match box covers

art deco aluminum matchbox

The seed of inspiration for each of the art deco designs was a series of vintage 1920 French books, La Ferronnerie Moderne,by Henri Clouzot.   

La Ferronnerie Moderne books

The books highlight artistic iron workmanship from the 1920s art nouveau and art deco style exemplified in gates, balconies, screens, tables, lamps and a variety of doors and entrance ways.

art deco iron workart deco iron workart deco iron work

The symmetry and repetition of large and lavish architectural ironwork translated onto tiny match box covers creates elegant jewel-like surfaces.  Our designers translated the designs using brushing, engine turning, printing and texture.

art deco inspiration

art deco inspiration

art deco inspiration

One of our goals in the design of this series was to really feature the aluminum surface.  This was done through a series of mechanical finishes applied selectively to the metal.  The result is a surface that dances before we have even started printing. 

mechanical aluminum finish step 

Building on the foundation of brushed and bright aluminum, we layered transparent inks and clear textures on the metal.  A mixed metal effect was created with the addition of gold accents.

art deco matchbox grip front art deco matchbox grip back

The possibilities are endless.  Change the scale.  Change the colors.  Or change the process.  What would you do?

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