Aluminum Diamond Plate Finish

grey diamond plate trim

Aluminum tread plate finishes have a reputation for being durable eye-catching surfaces used on truck beds, flooring and tool boxes. This heavy duty finish can be incorporated into attractive trim decoration.

silver aluminum treadplate finish

The diamond plate finish is achieved through a combination of printing and mechanical finishes on aluminum. The background of the finish is spun aluminum with a printed transparent tint of color. Screen printing is used to add texture to the diamond plate finish. It is interesting to see how designers integrated the finish into two different trim pieces. Graphics are printed in a complementary warm grey color creating a distinct contrast against the background finish. I like the approach of treating the graphics on the individual trim pieces in unique yet coordinating ways. The resulting trim is more visually interesting when viewed together.

Black Diamond Plate Finish

black diamond plate aluminum trim

A black diamond plate finish on the same part creates a distinctly different look.  The diamond plate pattern is printed on a high gloss back background with spun aluminum graphics.  The high contrast trim piece is eye-catching. 

Decorating aluminum with unique finishes and using the same tooling is a cost effective way to differentiate models or products.  This option works well when needing to differentiate between a low end and high end version of a product.  It can be used for product refreshes as well.  

How would you translate a diamond plate finish onto an aluminum trim piece?  What type of product would you use it on?


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