Faux Finishes - Leather, Carbon Fiber, Marble and Patinas on Aluminum

Faux Finishes on Metal

Inspired by the interaction between illusion and reality, faux finishes on aluminum play with color, pattern and texture to create captivating experiences for your customer.  This collection of faux surfaces - ranging from distressed metal to stone - is a great illustration of how a brand can use decorative processes on aluminum to integrate custom finishes into metal trim or nameplates.

Replicate natural surfaces, fusing the finishes with inlaid accents and embossed details to support your brand image.  Woodgrain, carbon fiber, marble, patinaed metal and leather finishes rely on standard printing processes to imitate the surfaces on metal while harnessing the power of touch with printed textures and graining.  Highlights of the naturally reflective surface add to the depth.

Whether integrated into automotive interior trim, cosmetic appliqués or nameplates, our library of aluminum finishes includes a large selection of faux finishes to be customized to meet your needs. 

How would you integrate a one of these finishes into a decorative trim piece?  Let's talk!



Faux finishes on aluminum, woodgrain pattern samples