Personality and Emotion in Large Appliance Design

Custom Appliance panelMix it Up | Aluminum Trim

Consumers are mixing and matching favorite colors and patterns in kitchen design.  Aluminum trim is a natural match for this trend.  Historically aluminum trim has been decorated in white, black or stainless steel finishes.  The possibilities beyond traditional appliance finishes are limited only by your imagination.

Aluminum In-mold Trim

The Whirlpool ice and water dispenser concept design shown here adds personality to appliance design with a brushed leaf pattern.  The aluminum in-mold trim piece uses two direction brushing to define the finish.  The result is a subtle interactive pattern.

This concept shows only one of the many possibilities available in designing a custom finish for appliance trim.  It also illustrates the versatility of aluminum trim as a cost effective option for product refreshes.  Once an investment is made in tooling, the overall look of metal trim can be updated by simply decorating the aluminum with a new finish for new models. 

green leaves appliance panel

How would you use the wide variety of finishes available on aluminum to upgrade the look of large appliance trim?  Request a disc collection to begin exploring the variety of finishes available for panels, overlays and decorative trim.