Matte Carbon Fiber Aluminum Finishes

black carbon fiber  matte carbon fiber  black carbon weave
aluminum carbon fiber finish  black aluminum carbon fiber finish  textured carbon fiber aluminum finish

(from left to right, top to bottom)
PAT-4452-A, PAT-4447-A, PAT-4414-A, PAT-3878-D, PAT-4328-C, PAT-4446-A
*patterns not shown to scale

Low Gloss Carbon Fiber Finishes

This series features some of our more popular Carbon Fiber aluminum finishes with a low gloss topcoat. Generally these dark weave patterns are featured with a high gloss clear topcoat, but in this case a lower gloss, less reflective surface is desired.

All of these finishes still take advantage of mechanical finishing, halftones and textures in order to give these finishes flip while maintaining an overall matte appearance.

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