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It is common for a dimensional look to be part of nameplate design. While standard printing processes can provide a visual dimension sometimes that is not enough. When this is the case you can review for custom tooling to include an emboss or deboss operation which will result in both visual and ...
Brushed aluminum is one of the more popular finishes used in the background of nameplates and decorative trim. Many times the brushed metal surface is used as an accent area for the product or to enhance the product design with an authentic material.
Power sports equipment, all terrain or utility terrain vehicles and motorcycles need to be able to stand up to exposure to the elements and rough environments. This does not mean that the branding for these should be left to simple stickers or flimsy decals.
Designers with multiple models or tier levels for their product can sometimes get overwhelmed with the thought of coming up with a nameplate or badge to differentiate between the various options. It isn't long before the topic of tool cost becomes a point of concern. This rings true if we are ...
Aluminum nameplates are produced with hard tools and can be as simple as a blank die to cut a flat part or as complex as multi-level emboss and form operations for a dimensional badge. Understanding the basics of these operations will help you in the design of your part.
Embossing Facets in Metal Embossing is used on aluminum nameplates to add dimension and interest.  Options range from the simple to the complex.  This article covers options in beveled emboss in emblems and badges.  Facets embossed in aluminum create natural highlights and shadows.  This ...

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