Simply White Decorative Aluminum Finishes

Simply White has been named 2016 Color of the Year by Benjamin Moore. White as a color for finish development on aluminum is versatile. It can be used as a main color or simply as an accent. Change the gloss level and the result is visual interest. Include some texture and achieve tactile dimension.


This set of mood boards provides inspiration centered around white-on-white patterns on aluminum accented with subtle metal detail and layers of crips whites, creams and ivories. 

These finishes can be incorporated into decorative trim or nameplate designs. The possibilities are endless.


Find additional exploration of white finishes on aluminum on the following mood boards.

Pure Mood Board

Pure | Aluminum Finishes

Beautifully sublime patterns and abstract designs with influences from nature.


Modern Mood Board

Modern | Aluminum Finishes

Enamel white finishes layered with texture and aluminum details are cool and calm.


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