Edo Kiriko (Carved Glass) Aluminum Finish

Kiriko glass

The Inspiration

Edo Kiriko is the traditional Japanese craft of carving colored glass which has been handed down over generations.

Designs are created by engraving patterns on the surface of colored glass. The colored glass is laid over clear glass before the engraving takes place.

The traditional patterns used in Edo Kiriko are based on common patterns utilized in household items in the Edo period such as kagome (basket weave), yarai (arrow-shapes), and nanako (fish scales).

Translated to Aluminum

An overall basket weave design was chosen to interpret this idea onto aluminum. Using selective brushing, selective tint and selective texture, a traditional basket weave pattern is created. The fine detail in this pattern gives the appearance of carving away the upper red layer down to the raw aluminum. A high gloss topcoat gives the red areas a shiny glass look, while a printed texture is applied to give this pattern an authentic feel of a carved aluminum finish.

edo kiriko carved aluminum finish   PAT 4607 A

edo kiriko aluminum finish detail PAT 4607 A



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