New Mechanical Surfaces on Aluminum

Brushed Metal Finishes

Directional and non-directional patterning plays with light creating depth and movement in these new brushed aluminum finishes. Three different approaches were taken resulting in dramatically different results.  All are featured in our latest trend presentation.  All build on decades of experience in manufacturing nameplates, appliance panels and automotive trim with mechanical finishes.

A strong continued interest in organic pattern, texture and finishes is apparent. This theme is combined with our expertise in mechanically finishing metal to create this series of finishes with a hand crafted look. The organically inspired structures with complex visually dimensional patterns add interesting surface texture. This is in contrast to the super smooth surfaces available. The finishes work well with flowing lines and softer shapes and make for a more human approach.
In sharp contrast to the Transform series, this series of aluminum finishes offers surfaces which are highly precise. We drew on our knowledge in mechanically finishing aluminum and explored further possibilities. The resulting finishes are surfaces with interlocking arched brushes creating patterns that evolve. The surfaces have a look of precision and engineering characteristic of metal.

Mechanical finishes in this series are designed with the final trim piece in mind. Their flow relates to the shape of the trim piece. Anything from a subtle sweep of motion to a loud burst is possible. Some looks are playful. Others are elegant. All rely on mechanically finishing the surface of the aluminum to create depth and movement. This custom approach can be integrated into a nameplate or a decorative trim piece creating a distinct look.