Northern Engraving Trend Presentation

Recycled Aluminum Finishes

This article covers the second half of the Northern Engraving trend presentation.  Our trend presentation is a series of seven mood boards developed around themes.  The first three themes focused on new mechanical finishes.  The four themes featured here focus on the use of mechanical process, color and texture to create finishes which are our interpretation of trends in the market. All of the finishes are meant to be inspirational, a starting point for creating a surface for your trim or nameplate application.
Many of the new finishes have been created on aluminum made from 99% recycled aluminum of which 80% of the scrap is from post consumer sources.  It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than to work with raw materials.  Eco-awareness is far more than a trend.  It is a primary focus today.  Aluminum is a durable and sustainable metal.  Two-thirds of the aluminum ever produced is in use today.  The new finishes on recycled aluminum are aesthetically pleasing environmentally friendly options for trim and nameplates.

Invincible view mood board
Surfaces take a technological approach combining mechanical finishes, electronically manipulated designs, layering of processes and multiple gloss levels.  Images focus on the man-made theme and are all the result of human endeavor whether special effects created electronically or taking inspiration from shibori.
Future Imperfect
Naturally altered and blemished surfaces are combined with blurred and fractured prints, maintaining a natural beauty that is so often disregarded in the quest for perfection.  Finishes are purposely distorted and naturally altered with seemingly unfinished detailing. Make a statement with understated luxury.  Find beauty in the imperfect and unexpected.
Surfaces transform from 2-D to 3-D through mathematical repetition and morphing geometric shapes.  These modular finishes are designed to shape-shift as if stretched across their 3-D forms creating dynamic looks. 
Techno Ethnic
This trend focuses on the diversity of global cultures, compiling references from around the world and reinterpreting them to create a new multicultural fusion. We celebrate imperfection, the distorted and the flawed, through technique and application.  Classic processes, unusual placements and recycled materials are all explored, creating unexpected but reproducible results. 
The Northern Engraving trend presentation explores the creative possibilities available when working with aluminum. The Invincible mood board is featured here for your review. If you would like to see this board and the remaining mood boards featuring aluminum finishes request a presentation and we will make arrangements to share the series with you. In addition, let us know if you would like samples of any of the featured finishes.