Pinstripes on Aluminum | Line Up and Spread Out

Change This... Get That

small aluminum pinstripe aluminum pinstripe medium aluminum pinstripe large aluminum pinstripe

There are a myriad of options available in creating aluminum finishes.  Consider structure, process and color.  Change one variable and transform the finish.  This article shares a simple exploration in pinstripe finishes on aluminum.  The color, gloss level and process are the same in all four finishes above.  Only the width and spacing of the line is changed.  The results are pinstripe finishes with a different look and feel.  Slight adjustments in the linear structure shift the overall mood of the finish.

Simple adjustments in color and gloss further increase the options available and the resulting effects.  These mood boards are an exploration in the simplicity of a pinstripe finish.  Piano black and brushed aluminum are the base substrates.  The pinstripe finish is printed as a texture adding to the tactile interest of the surface.

Request samples of aluminum finishes to begin exploring the options available to you in creating a custom aluminum finish for your nameplate or aluminum trim.


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