Large Format Decorative Metal

Thinking Big

A new series of decorative aluminum and steel surfaces created for Gage Corporation explores linear structures on metal.  This exploration includes traditional pinstripes and organic linear finishes.


orgainc waves aluminum finish

This finish, from the Northern Engraving pattern library, was the inspiration for one of the new metal finishes.  Finishes in the library can be customized in color, scale and process to create a custom surface for decorative trim or to be integrated into nameplates.  The result can be a subtle change or completely new look. 

Twist | Metal Finish

large format aluminum organic waves

Increasing the size of the aluminum finish results in an eye-catching dramatic surface for architectural surfaces such as walls, elevators and column covers.  The contemporary metal finish is bold and futuristic.  The large scale graphic elements give the metal a new life.  The exaggerated surface features printed metallics held together with an authentic metal background finish.


Ability to apply decorative finishes to large format aluminum and steel opens the possibilities for application not only in architectural settings but in consumer products.  Large appliances are starting to explore refreshing options in color and more recently in pattern. 

What innovative applications for large format metal would you suggest?