Bronze Appliance Trim

Stainless Steel Alternative

copper patina ice and water dispenser

The rich depth of traditional bronze sculptor is explored in this Whirlpool ice and water concept.  This bronze finish is an example of the chameleon-like quality of aluminum to be decorated in a variety of metal finishes.  Patinaed, antiqued and distressed surfaces on copper, bronze, titanium or brass are some of the possibilities.

Metal Clad Appliance Trim

Aluminum is decorated in the flat sheet using a combination of mechanical finishes, lithography, screen printing and roll coating.  The inks and topcoats are formulated to be flexible enough for the complex forms common in appliances, consumer products and automotive trim yet durable enough to meet the requirements of the environment.

This appliance trim concept incorporates two complementary bronze finishes into the design.  The outer frame of the ice and water dispenser incorporates layers of transparent inks on selective brushing to create an interactive surface with depth and movement.  The finish uses the aluminum in-mold process to create a robust trim piece.  The back wall of this design features a brushed aluminum with a transparent bronze tint of color.  The generous radius highlights the reflective quality of the metal.  This portion of the concept is mocked up in our prototype shop illustrating the potential for incorporating metal into the back wall.  This idea can be used to create a uniform aesthetic across the refrigerator or, as in this case, to incorporate complementary finishes for a refined look.

copper tint & copper patina combination

What type of product would you incorporate a bronze finish into?  How would you use the wide variety of finishes available on aluminum to upgrade the look of large appliance trim?  Request a disc collection to begin exploring the variety of finishes available for panels, overlays and decorative trim.