Lampshades and Aluminum Decoration

The Lampshade Pattern

lampshade inspired aluminum finish

Ask anyone in our Design department about the lampshade pattern and this is the finish they will point you to.  The finish is featured on the Colored Darks mood board in our trend presentation.  It is another example of creative inspiration coming from just about anywhere.  The theme of this board is to play with shadow and light.  The finishes rely on layering and rich shadowy darks.  The aluminum patterns are dramatic, mysterious and veiled. 

How does this finish have anything to do with a lampshade?  It does in two ways.  First and foremost is the overall translucent effect.  The pattern takes advantage of the reflective metal surface with a layering of transparent tints of color.  The near black finish shifts in appearance from translucent blue to shadowy black.  Think of how light glows softly through a lamp shade.  This finish mimics this quality taking on an appearance of almost being lit from behind.

The structure itself is also inspired from an actual lamp shade.  The lamp shade served as a seed of inspiration, a starting point to launch into exploration.  Here is is interpreted into a midnight blue finish.  What if were printed in translucent off white or bronze?  This finish then becomes the starting point for additional exploration.  What further exploration would you do with this finish?

Request a sample of this finish to begin exploring the possibilities available to you in incorporating aluminum patterns into decorative trim.