Simulated Anodized Aluminum Trim

Anodized Aluminum and Brushed Metal

Anodizing aluminum is a chemical process in which the surface of the metal is hardened.  Special dyes can be used to color the anodized aluminum for decorative trim.  The result is an attractive low gloss metal finish.  This look can be simulated using traditional decorative process on aluminum.

Simulated Anodized Aluminum

simulated anodized aluminum trim

Low gloss topcoat layered on transparent tints of color and brushed metal create the desirable anodized aluminum look and feel.  The topcoat is applied for durability but also enhances the look of the overall finish.

Anodized Aluminum Colors

anodized aluminum trim

Shifting the color completely changes the look of the finish.  The real metal character is evident in the look and feel of the finish.

Flexibility in Forming

simulated anodized finish

The simulated anodized finishes are a cost effective option since the decoration is applied in the sheet.  The finishes can be formed into complex shapes with multiple radiuses as shown here in this aluminum gear surround.  The soft radiuses create natural highlights and shadows in the reflective metal surface.

Diversity in Colors

simulated anodized finishes

The decorative process allows you to adjust the color of trim to meet your needs.  Cool metal colors, warm metal colors, soft pastels and intense bright colors are all possible with the simulated anodizing process.

This process allows you to explore custom options in trim inspired by the look of anodized metal.  What applications do you see for this finish?  What colors do you prefer?