irRESISTable Aluminum Gallery of Finishes

Selectively Brushed Aluminum Finishes

This article is the fourth in a series of articles covering options in creating aluminum surfaces which use mechanical finishes to create movement and visual depth.  This series of finishes rely on selectively brushing the metal.  The overall look of the finish is dependent on the pattern applied to the metal during the resist process.  Simple or detailed geometric finishes are a natural fit for selective brushing with technical and precise results.  Organic structures result in finishes with entirely different appearances.   Irregular edges and shapes are enhanced by the natural character of brushed and bright aluminum. 

Customized Aluminum Finishes

All finishes shown here can be customized in scale and color for your trim or nameplate project.  Additional detail is added with selective gloss and printed texture.  The printed resist and mechanical brush processes are often the base building blocks when decorating aluminum whether a pattern or a graphic.

Request samples of selectively brushed finishes to begin exploring the visual depth and movement available to you with these processes.