Still more irRESISTable Aluminum

Engine Turn Detail

This article is the third in a series of articles on using printed resists or masks to create aluminum finishes with depth and movement.  The first article focused on the resist process while the second article introduced a two direction brush.  This article focuses on using the resist with an engine turn process. 

Engine Turn

engine turn aluminum finish

Engine turn is a series of small overlapping spins tightly spaced.  The finish itself is quite beautiful and flashy.  It was popular on vintage airplanes and race cars and used on automotive dash panels in the 1950's.  There has been a renewed interest in the engine turn finish in recent years as a retro look.

Selective Engine Turn in Aluminum Patterns

selective engine turn pattern

Applying engine turn selectively creates an entirely different effect.  The overall spin effect disappears.  Small areas of engine turn create an almost holographic look.  The circular image is no longer visible.  The finish dances with movement.  The result will be entirely different depending on what pattern you screen print as a resist.  Dots, pinstripes and organic shapes take on sometimes unexpected results when engine stripe is added to the finish.

Nameplates use selective engine turn to make graphics pop.  The same holographic effect created in patterns is translated into graphics and borders on nameplates.

Do you have any ideas for using engine turn in a finish to create visual depth and movement?  How would you integrate this finish into trim or a nameplate?

Request samples of finishes with selective engine turn to see the depth this process brings to aluminum finishes.