Stingray Leather | Faux Shagreen

Stingray Finish on Metal Trim

stingray skin

Stingray leather is making a fashion statement in the world of leather accessories such as belts, wallets, purses and shoes.  The characteristically black leather with a white pearl oval has a unique look and feel that includes hundreds of small bumps making the surface glimmer.

Stingray Skin on aluminum

The iridescent shimmer of the natural skin is captured here in aluminum.  A screen printed texture furthers the illusion giving the surface a rich feel.  Imagine the white pearl design customized in shape and size to further compliment a specific trim application.  The faux stingray leather might be featured in metal trim on a laptop, a cell phone or an insert on a motorcycle. 

Aluminum offers the flexibility to reproduce faux surfaces or build on the authentic metal characteristics of the metal.  The wide variety of finishes can be combined into premium metal trim.

What creative ideas do you have for applying the stingray leather finish to a product?  Would you customize the finish by changing the color or the pearl design?