Gradations of Color on Aluminum Trim

Color Fades on Aluminum

Aluminum finishes are transformed by gradations of color traveling across the surface of the metal.  Used as a subtle background or integrated into a pattern, the shifts in color highlight the metal character of the finishes.  The theme has been popular when used before and is explored further here.

faded dots on aluminum trim

The dots in this surface shift from dark blue to light blue to silver as they travel across the surface of the trim.  The low gloss black backgrounds sits in high contrast to the reflective metal dots.

purple faded aluminum finish

The organic purple line structure interacts with a fade of purple colors in the background of this surface creating both low contrast and high contrast finishes as the fade of color evolves. 

brown and tan fade aluminum trim

A simple pinstripe texture is transformed when combined with the subtle gradation of brown and tan colors in this finish.

evolving texture on green faded aluminum trim

Just as the green color shifts in the background of this finish, the low gloss texture evolves as it travels across the part.  The positive dots morph into squares and then again in to negative dots.



The finishes are combined into a series of surfaces focusing on color integrated into aluminum trim.  Mood boards feature this exploration of the use of gradations of color on aluminum surfaces.

What other structures would you combine with gradations of color?  Do you prefer a high contrast finish or low?  What type of product might have this type of finish integrated into the trim?