Woodgrain-Like Finishes on Aluminum Trim

Developing finishes with the familiar color and structure of a woodgrain without setting out to duplicate or imitate a woodgrain is the common theme of these aluminum finishes.  The trend toward authentic materials and surfaces is reflected in the series.  The foundation of the woodgrain-like finishes idea is based on the thought that if woodgrain trim is needed... it should be real wood.  There is no room for imitation woodgrain surface.  However, if a finish is developed with the warmth and character of a woodgrain without imitating a woodgrain then this finish is an interesting and unique finish in its own right.  It isn't an imitation.

linear woodgrain like finish organic linear woodgrain like finish

India ink, brushes and paper were used to capture the linear quality of woodgrains in both of these finishes.  The warm woodgrain tones used in printing the aluminum finish help to create a familiar surface which is still unique. 

woodgrain like aluminum finish woodgrain like aluminum finish

Woodgrain structures were the foundation of these finishes.  However, the process used is not a traditional woodgrain development.  The organic woodgrain detail is layered on to the aluminum using a combination of selective brushing and transparent colors.  The result is finishes with a familiar woodgrain structure that are obviously not real wood finishes.  The surfaces have depth, movement and metal quality.

woodgrain like aluminum finish woodgrain like aluminum finish

The familiar woodgrain colors are used again in these finishes with a structure more organic, definitely not linear.  The ethereal quality is comforting like the surface of a favorite desk.

These same finishes would look fantastic in a completely different colorway.  The woodgrain quality would disappear and they would take on a entirely different character.  How would you like to see these finishes explored?  What other ideas do you have for creating a woodgrain-like surface?