5 Reasons for Adding Finish or Pattern to your Nameplate Design

Adding Finish or Pattern to a Nameplate

Selecting a background finish can be difficult.  Each design and project is unique.  Here are some reasons to add a finish or pattern to your nameplate or trim.

Coordinate with the End Product Housing or Finish

increase-value-aluminum-nameplate  increase-value-aluminum-nameplate  increase-value-aluminum-nameplate
The finish complements your product for an integrated and complete look.

Create Contrast

create-contrast-aluminum-nameplate  create-contrast-aluminum-nameplate  create-contrast-aluminum-nameplate
Use of a metallic color, low gloss or texture as a background finish allows for cost effective grabbing of attention.   Pairing with a transparent tint adds further reason to hold attention. 

Add Interest

add-interest-aluminum-nameplate  add-interest-aluminum-nameplate  add-interest-aluminum-nameplate
A pattern can provide that eye-catching aspect to get your product and brand noticed.  Colors, structures, scales can be as ‘in your face’ or as subtle as you require.

Increase Perceived Value

increase-perceived-value-nameplate  increase-perceived-value-nameplate  increase-perceived-value-nameplate
Textures add dimension and tactile elements.  Mechanical finishes add movement and depth.  Use these together or as individual aspects to give a premium look and feel to your product.

Differentiate Across Model Designs

differentiate-aluminum-nameplates  differentiate-aluminum-nameplates  differentiate-aluminum-nameplates
Common tooling makes it easy to change the look of a nameplate by changing the finish.  This can be subtle with a color or gloss change.  It can be dramatic with a finish structure change.  This allows you to differentiate your brand across product lines, model years, or to a different demographic target.

The beauty is how wide open the possibilities are.  You can pick from an existing finish or customize with your own design.  Thousands of finishes are available for review in the Pattern Library.    


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