Aluminum Trim and Snowboards and Cookie Cutters

Over the last year, two finishes or combinations of finishes on aluminum have gotten the most attention from our customers.  They are the two most requested samples from our pattern library.

Why is this? At first glance they look quite similar.  They share a similar color scheme.  Both take advantage of aluminum's reflectivity by using transparent tints of color.  They both are an unexpected use of the aluminum substrate.  The intent behind the two decorative aluminum trim pieces is very different.


Combined Finishes | Aluminum TrimThis finish was inspired by athletic equipment and sporting goods.  Rather than combining finishes as you would on a traditional trim piece (a simple bright border of aluminum around the outside edge of the trim or as an accent across the top of the trim) these finishes are brought together in an unexpected way.  They are simple finishes.  Some areas are brushed and tinted aluminum.  Others are a simple geometric texture.  They overlap and break through one another.  Think of snowboards or running shoes and how they bring multiple materials or patterns together. 

Attention to Detail

Aluminum Trim with conformed textureThis finish was an exploration in creating a texture with the end shape of the trim piece in mind.  Most decorative trim pieces utilize a small area of a larger pattern.  It is almost like a cookie cutter.  The trim piece looks nice but that pattern could have been made for any part.  The additional attention to detail is what I was after in this finish.  A unique design can be created that relates to the shape of the part.  This white pattern starts out as a simple pinstripe and changes as it travels across the part into wavy lines which follow the transition of the adjacent finish.  This is subtle and may go unnoticed at first.  It adds a level of interest when it is discovered.

Your Thoughts

What do you think?  Can you see how wide open the possibilities are?  How would you customize a pattern to a trim piece?  Inspiration is all around us.