Yarn & Aluminum Trim??

When viewing our plethora of aluminum finishes, it is often asked, “How was that done?” Well, I’ll share one method that was used that may be a little unexpected.

Most of the finishes in our pattern library can be broken down into three categories of creation.

1. Patterns or structures created on the computer.
2. Patterns or structures from found objects or places that are photographed or scanned.
3. Physically creating a pattern or structure by hand that can be photographed or scanned.

Using Yarn to Create an Organic Linear Structure

yarn wrapped structure

The original design intent here was an organic linear finish. Thinking outside the box, our designers wrapped decorative yarn around a piece of cardboard which in turn could be scanned and used for our base structure.

brown organic linear aluminum finish

Once scanned into the computer, the structure can be manipulated and printed in any color desired. In this case a dark copper finish was chosen with dark accents.

blue organic aluminum finish

Here is an example where the same base structure was stretched then printed in a deep blue tint with dark accents.

Inspiration comes from anywhere, the unique aspect is how you translate that idea onto an aluminum finish.

How might you go about creating a similar organic linear structure?