Wintery White Crystaline Finishes on Aluminum

Frost Patterns

 crystalline pattern organic linear pattern fiber pattern on metal

Another cold morning in Wisconsin... so what do you do?  Look around for inspiration for our next aluminum finish, of course.  This group of wintery white finishes fuses the crisp random crystal structure of frost with the cool touch of aluminum. 

We find inspiration all around us in nature.  The finishes shown here illustrate a more literal interpretation.  They can also be the starting point for a finish where the inspiration is no longer recognizable.  I can picture all of these finishes in a near black colorway that uses layers of transparent tints.  Patterns and textures often have a heritage or story to tell.  The structure may have been inspired by frost but then someone may ask "what if"'.  It's this exploration and childlike curiosity that results in many of the unique finishes in our pattern library.  Think of all the ways a child can take an ordinary object and turn it into something extraordinary.  This is our passion, taking an ordinary object and creating an extraordinary metal finish. 

What ideas do you have for this group of finishes?  What color?  What size?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

aluminum finishes

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