New Designer Disc Collection | Aluminum Finishes

Pick Your Finish, Pick Your Color

customized aluminum finishes
PAT-3812-A PAT-3522-D PAT-4457-A PAT-4254-A
DES-499-AT PAT-4179-C DES-1100-G PAT-4330-A
PAT-4244-A PAT-4241-A PAT-4379-A PAT-1610-AS
PAT-3529-K PAT-4158-B DES-1334-D PAT-4199-A

Introducing a new Designer Disc Collection featuring a cross section of finishes from our pattern library.  Some of the most popular areas of interest in pattern and texture are included in this set.  All are labeled on the back for easy identification.  Request one for yourself to explore some of the possibilities in patterns for decorative trim and product identification.


Topics: Surfaces