Non-Directional Brushed Aluminum Finishes

This collection of non-directional brushed aluminum finishes features our newest mechanical finishes and is featured in the new Surface Collections section of the Northern Engraving web site.  

non-directional brush non-directional hairline finish hairline brush  
organic hairline finish non-directional brushed metal
organic brush finish on aluminum
(from left to right, top to bottom)
NEC-107-C, NEC-128-B, NEC-128-A, DES-1467-A, NEC-107-F, NEC-128-D
*patterns not shown to scale





Surface Collections 

We've created this section of the site as a tool for you to use in the exploration of finishes and textures.  The surfaces are arranged in groups based on color, structure or theme.  Hundreds of surfaces on aluminum are featured.  Explore this collection and many more.  We will feature new collections right here on the Surfaces on Aluminum blog.  Watch for them.

Non-Directional Brush

Non directional brush with multiple colors

We recently wrote an article on new mechanical finish on aluminum.  This example takes that finish a step further by layering it with transparent tints of color.  The colors can be applied selectively as shown here or as an overall wash of color.  I can see these finishes used in a variety of applications but two that come to mind immediately are architectural sufaces and automotive trim.  I'd like to see this finish printed in a very dark grey tint of color that almost covers up the movement yet shows just enough to catch your eye.  How do you see these types of finishes used?  What application?  What color?