Top 10 Most Requested Finishes from Trend Presentation

Aluminum Patterns

blue / black fade on aluminum | DES-1205-AAAK Copper Patina | PAT-4297-A textured aluminum | NTP-14-M wire mesh pattern | PAT-4264-A Brown Patinaed Aluminum | PAT-4278-A
frosted aluminum pattern | PAT-4207-B brushed aluminum graphic | PAT-4291-B blue striped aluminum finish | DES-1205-AAAI organic patina | PAT-4296-A small wire mesh finish | PAT-4263-A

Tracking trends across industries is increasingly important to many markets as graphics and technology often cross over.  Recently we shared a summary of the most requested aluminum finishes in the last year.  This article focuses on the most popular patterns in one of our trend presentations which includes seven mood boards.  The mood boards feature finishes developed around a specific theme.  The metal finishes illustrate options in pattern development for aluminum trim and nameplates.  The trend presentation has been shared with designers around the world in a wide range of industries. These are the top ten most requested finishes from our trend presentation.

Surfaces and details range from intricate and detailed to patinaed and distressed.  Aluminum trend show finishes are offered as inspiration for possibilities on the substrate.  All can be incorporated into metal trim pieces or nameplates for unique looks.  Customization is possible through color, structure or process.

Request a free sample of the featured aluminum finishes and start to explore the possibilites of finishes on aluminum.