Two Thumbs Up for this Aluminum Finish

No, literally, hold your thumbs up and look at the fingerprint on each.  Every person is born with their own one-of-a-kind set of fingerprints.  No two fingerprints have been found to be exactly alike, not even on a person's own hand.  Unique swirling lines make up the pattern that is an individual's fingerprints . This unique mark is yours and yours alone.

organic thumbprint aluminum finish | PAT-2130-E

We are constantly looking to make a unique mark when we develop our finishes on aluminum.  So what better place to start than with a fingerprint?  This finish began with a fingerprint, those pesky things you try to remove from a table top or mirror.  We looked at the fingerprint in a little different way and said what if we made it larger than life and used it as the basis for a new finish.

The inspiration for the resulting finish is not immediately recognizable.  The organic structure is built up with a layering of processes including brushing and screen printing.  Screen printed texture adds a tactile quality to the surface.

blue organic aluminum finish | PAT-2130-A copper organic aluminum finish | PAT-2130-C green organic aluminum finish | PAT-2130-I

The finish takes on a distinctly different look when printed in a other colorways.  It has been a popular finish on aluminum ceiling tiles creating almost water-like effects when printed in blue.  The copper version takes on the look of a patinaed surface.

This finish was one of the first finishes I worked on when joining the Design team at Northern Engraving many years ago.  It has stood the test of time as finish with many potential applications.  What other unremarkable thing might be the inspiration for a quite remarkable finish?  Tell us your thoughts below.

aluminum finishes

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