High End Aluminum Finishes

cobra aluminum trim 5 CS

Attention to Detail

Consumers today have more cash, choice and education than ever before.  Along with this comes more sophisticated tastes and far more product knowledge.  People today want and expect more. They are often willing to pay premiums for goods delivering better quality along with emotional benefits.

Irrespective of income, consumers are shopping at both premium and value ends of the market, ready to pay more for a product they are passionate about by paying less for something else.


The meaning of luxury is changing.  People are willing to overspend on products with an emotional connection while shopping at discount stores.  Often value, mid and premium models are differentiated visually only by the color and finish.  What is the visual cue that a laptop, radar detector or stereo is a premium model?  Product features may be rich but also not instantly recognizable.  Aluminum trim offers a solution for differentiating across product levels.  A common tool offers consistency while addition of unique finishes is the differentiating factor.


aluminum finishes

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